12 tips for creating visual content on social media

People are more likely to remember what they saw than what they read. Research says that visuals have more impact on people’s minds based on what they see. And you know that in today’s time, everyone’s on their mobile phones scrolling the Instagram feed to Facebook feed. So to reach out to more audiences you have to level up your social media strategy by introducing more visuals in it.

We have got you 12 tips for creating visual content on Sicily media that you can follow to get absolutely amazing reach and brand awareness.

Know the creative basics


The creative process is the design process that you use to design your visuals. This can take inspiration from any social media design template and make it aligned with what you want to showcase to the world.


Like you get a photo, but there is something in the background that is making the whole perspective of the photos look dull. Don’t worry Can remove the background in a matter of seconds.

Make a visual social media strategy

You know what makes big brands stand out in their social media strategy is that with social media strategy they have a visual social media strategy. It is the secret sauce where they beat their competitions and impact and reach a large audience.


People are likely to see more visual content, because of what television was doing in the old days and these days what social media is doing for people. You should be using more and more photos on your social media handle because nobody wants to see boring texts. Everyone likes to see something new, something cool.

Use the right size

Different social media platforms have image sizes that you should follow while designing.


Instagram posts are square in dimension, while Facebook posts are rectangular. So try not to fit a  rectangle in a square and a square in a rectangle because both are different in sizes and shapes.


A good creative designer cannot design only a good photo but also knows where to fit in the photo to make it even better.

 Understand image copyrights

When it comes to images, then image copyrights are something that comes along with it.

Whenever you hire a photographer for capturing photos then make it sure beforehand that holds the copyrights for the photos. Because many times things are not clear and they become a mess for you.


While using stock photos, there are some conditions to which you are obliged and you can use those photos under those terms and conditions.


Therefore it is always good to know that the pictures you are using are copyrights free, or their copyrights are with you. As it would create a positive impact on your brand.


 Take the help of free resources

While building a brand, it is considered a best practice to hire a photographer or social media content designer to get your visuals designed.


But along with that, there are many online free resources available from where you can get amazing photos for your brand.

Add a little animation

Adding little animation to the text in your visual graphic design makes it more interactive and engaging to the audience. It makes your content stand out among others.


So when you talk about animations what comes to your mind.

Gifs right

Yes, they are amazing to add to your content.


You can also add subtle animation to the text in the post to make it more highlighted and noticeable to the audience.

Also, you can make motion pictures, like collecting a few photos in the same frame and arranging them to make a small animation out of them.

Use text wisely

Use less text whenever possible. In your designs use the text wisely. Visual content should be more visual and less text.


Make heading and subheadings of the text that you want to show the audience through the visual. Texts should be bold, to the point and concise. They should convey the message directly.

Make sure you rightly space the texts and choose the more readable text font. Your background colour and text colour should always be contrasting to be able to make it readable.


 Include alt-text descriptions

Alt texts make the visual content more accessible to the people who are viewing it on different social media platforms. And you know what accessible content makes you reach more to a wider audience.


Accessible visual content on social media can include:


Alt-text Images: Visually impaired people are highly benefited by alt-text images. As they perceive the images as normal people would do. Also, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram provide special fields for adding alt text image descriptions.


Subtitles: To make your videos reach a wider audience you can always add subtitles to them, as then people from different language backgrounds can also view them and understand them well.

 Optimize for SEO

The next tip for you is to make your visuals optimized for SEO.


Yes, you heard it right.


You can make your visuals optimized for SEO too. As you can see the option of visual search on Pinterest, google lens, these features are growing popular among people, and more and more people continue to search more through visuals.


This makes your social media content to be searched on these platforms.

Pinterest is considered to be the most important platform while talking about SEO-optimized visuals. As you can add other descriptions of the images, in the same way you can add keywords and alt text in your visuals as well.

Be mindful of representation

Whatever you are representing, be mindful of that. It means that the content that you are designing should be inclined with moral ethics and values. You should not harm any person’s sentiments through your visual plus it would more likely have a bad impact on your brand image.


Always try to empower and make an impact through your visuals. Your visual strategy should be planned in a way that more people connect with you on your belief system.

 Add your logo, where appropriate


Adding your logo to the visuals that you designed makes that piece of content solely yours. W


Even when you are sharing something that you feel like sharing, it can be anything from an awareness post to a very specific post aligned to your brand. Adding a logo makes it more authentic to the customers, also it makes your post elegant and professional

Be creative

Being creative


You must be saying that I already know

Tell me something new


But yes if you follow this top carefully then there are lots of things that you can do to make your vision more engaging and interesting for the audience. Plus the added advantage is you will get more likes, comments, and shares for your creative content.



These tips will surely impact your design thinking process and you will be able to design more content that has the power to get more eyeballs toward your content. After following these tips you will be able to see the difference between results.