8 Expert Tips to Clear Microsoft Certification Exam in 2022

Let’s be honest. Microsoft certification exams are not easy. Otherwise, the IT professionals with Microsoft Certifications would not be the pride of their teams and the envy of their peers.

But no need to worry. In this article, we will share several tried and tested techniques to clear the exams – tips that would help you achieve your goals. Let’s begin.

Identify the skills that will be tested:

Before registering for a Microsoft certification exam, you need to know if your skills, aspiration, and experience align with the content that the test will cover. The best option to determine this is on the Microsoft website, where there is a dedicated page for each exam detailing the skills needed for the test.

Certifications have three sections. These include fundamentals certifications for those just starting in their careers; role-based certifications for those looking to advance their careers; and field-specific specialty certifications, such as exams to become a certified educator. Choose wisely.

Start your preparation in advance:

While this might sound obvious, you are unlikely to clear the exam by only studying the night before. And you will undoubtedly have difficulty passing a Microsoft certification exam without long-term, hands-on experience with the technology involved. Again, since Microsoft certifications are designed around job roles, you need to know what the software does in the real world.

You will need to spend time practicing this businesses intelligence course worldwide to implement Microsoft solutions. And that does take some time.

Establish your baseline:

Take a practice exam in the initial phases of your preparation to know where you stand. If your first score seems low to you, don’t panic and give up. It may just be that you are too thin on content and may need some help strengthening your test-taking skills. Remember that there will be elements you have not mastered with any technology assessment, so you will likely need to add to your knowledge base with technical skills.


Practice, and then practice some more:

Budget your daily time for exam practice. This would include both technology practice –hands-on-the-keyboard preparations – and exam practice. Look for an official Microsoft training course with a certified trainer to help build your technology skills, and take repeat tests to better your exam performance. Remember, the key here is to practice till you feel perfect.


 Find answers online:

Whether you feel stumped or just need someone to help you study, it can be doubly reassuring to contact other Microsoft users online. They would be happy to assist you with their knowledge and experiences. While social media is a good option for this, the integrity of responses can be hit-or-miss at times. We have identified the following reliable, shared spaces that abound in friendly advice:


  • The Microsoft Community page, to post a question or follow an interesting thread.
  • The Microsoft Forum page if you are looking for something more technical and official.

Slow down, double-check, and relax:

Let us give that exam anxiety a miss. Nothing to worry if you are prepared (and we know you are) when approaching your Microsoft Certification Exam. Why hamstring yourself when you are ready.

Just remember to:


  • Slow down. Take your time to understand what each question means.
  • Check doubly. Always check your answers twice.
  • Guess smart. Never go back and change your answers unless you are sure.
  • Relax. You have done your Microsoft course preparation very well, and you will be successful.

Never expect to know every answer – Be smart:

Admit it. When facing the unfamiliar, it is only human to panic. The same holds true for questions you do not know the answers to.

But what of it? If you come across a question that you do not know the answer to, does that mean your entire preparation has been in vain?

No! A perfect score is a myth. Focus on the ones you know to increase your chances of success, and give a miss to those that seem confusing. That’s a sure key to success, for the pass mark is around 70 percent anyway.

And should you score in the high 90s or even get a perfect score, that’s something for you to be proud about.


Come prepared and on time:

After all the hardworking you have put in to prepare for the Microsoft certification exam, you do not want to waste it all by arriving late ad panicky. On the exam day, remember to start early and reach at least 15 minutes before the start. You will also need some ID at the examination center.

And here’s a Bonus tip: Remember to bring a jacket with you in case the air conditioning is on full blast. It is hard enough your Microsoft certifications without having to shiver through it as well. Best of luck.