Are there any side effects to taking Effexor?

Are there any side effects to taking Effexor?

Nausea, headache, sedation, dry mouth, dizziness, insomnia, nervousness, constipation, and sweating. May also cause weight loss, cholesterol elevation, sexual dysfunction, and several other side effects.

Is there a link between Effexor and sexual dysfunction?

In fact, the medical guidelines for major depressive disorder state that sexual dysfunction is most prevalent with two classes of antidepressants, SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) and SNRIs (serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors), of which Effexor is included.

How long does it take for the effects of Effexor to show?

Response and Effectiveness Peak plasma concentrations occur within one to two hours of taking an immediate-release Effexor tablet; however it may take two to four weeks before a reduction in depressive symptoms are noticed, and up to six to eight weeks before the full effects are seen.

Are there any possible side effects of Efexor XL?

The drug info leaflet that Wyeth package with Efexor XL in the UK says that abnormal ejaculation/orgasm, reduced sex drive, impotence, menstrual disturbances in women, rarely abnormal breast milk production? are some of the possible side effects of the drug. Sex doesn’t have to be all penetration.

What are the long – term effects of taking Effexor?

And if it is from Effexor, the side effects should go away with time. Long-term use of zolpidem is associated with drug tolerance, drug dependence, rebound insomnia and CNS-related adverse effects such as dizziness and light headedness. It is recommended that you very gradually taper off over a period of months.

How long do side effects of Effexor last?

For some, these side effects may decrease after 4-6 weeks of therapy and for others, it may take longer, if they go away at all. Fortunately, if you continue with Effexor and the sexual side effects you are experiencing don’t go away, they should not be permanent.

Does Effexor drowsiness go away?

Yes, sleepiness is definitely an initial side effect of Effexor. It will go away after 2-4 weeks on the drug. A word of advice about Effexor (I have been on it for 8 years and am currently tapering off) – don’t think of it as a long-term solution.

Why does Effexor cause nausea?

These can include nausea, vomiting or stomach pain. Burning or painful sensations in your chest or throat (heartburn) can also occur during Effexor treatment and may be accompanied by abdominal gas or burping. You can develop changes in your bowel habits and may begin to experience frequent episodes of diarrhea or constipation.

As reviews and ratings are subjective and self-reported, this information should not be used as the basis for any statistical analysis or scientific studies. For Major Depressive Disorder “I am on 150 mg daily of effexor and have no apparent side effects. Started on 37.5 mg, then went to 75 mg, then 150 mg without major complications.

Which is better for depression Lamictal or Effexor?

I take Lamictal (150mg), Effexor (75mg) and Ritalin (30mg) which is the best medicine combo for my depression. Pros: Effexor demolishes anxiety and severe episodes (crying spells, suicidal thoughts). Less sedating (compared to SSRIs). I feel calm, no insomnia. Cons: Excessive sweating (at higher doses), some lethargy, and dry eye.

When is the best time to take Effexor?

Weeks 5-8 This is where the medication really starts to shine. If you are a male, this drug is ideal for you because it has a less likely chance of causing erectile dysfunction as it is a SRNI and not a SSRI. Your reaction to negative events, to include stressful situations, begins to dramatically change.

How often can you take venlafaxine with Effexor XR?

Depressed patients who are currently being treated at a therapeutic dose with Effexor (immediate release) may be switched to Effexor XR at the nearest equivalent dose (mg per day), e.g., 37.5 mg venlafaxine twice a day to 75 mg Effexor XR once daily. However, individual dosage adjustments may be necessary.

What is the effective dose of Effexor?

The recommended starting dose for Effexor is 75 mg/day, administered in two or three divided doses, taken with food. Depending on tolerability and the need for further clinical effect, the dose may be increased to 150 mg/day. If needed, the dose should be further increased up to 225 mg/day.

Are there any side effects from taking Effexor XR?

Effexor XR and some medicines may interact with each other, may not work as well, or may cause serious side effects. Your healthcare provider or pharmacist can tell you if it is safe to take Effexor XR with your other medicines.

How often should I take Effexor XR for generalized anxiety disorder?

Generalized Anxiety Disorder. For most patients, the recommended starting dose for Effexor XR is 75 mg per day, administered in a single dose. For some patients, it may be desirable to start at 37.5 mg per day for 4 to 7 days to allow new patients to adjust to the medication before increasing to 75 mg per day.

Many people have problems with the drug, like weight gain and increased symptoms of psychological stress. Effexor (venlafaxine hydrochloride) is a potent medication administered to treat cases of depression, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder and generalized anxiety disorder.

How much Effexor do you take for obsessive compulsive disorder?

“Effexor is a miracle drug. Never had ritualistic OCD, but as far as intrusive and obsessive thoughts go, I was in a bad spot before I was prescribed. I take 187.5mg daily, and will forever.

What’s the best way to get off Effexor?

Your body needs time. It cannot fully “fix the situation” in 24 hours – or in Effexor’s case about 2 weeks for acute withdrawals.? To have MINIMAL withdrawals it is best practice to cut dosage at a rate of between 5-10% at a time. No more than that. Some doctors will recommend their patients taper by progressively cutting their dosage in half.

What’s the difference between Effexor XR and IR?

Switching from XR to IR shouldn’t cause you to feel any different as long as you keep taking the same mg dosages. The only difference is that you will take one half of your tablet dose in the morning and twelve hours later take the second half of your dose. Effexor IR tablets come in these doses: 25mg, 37.5mg, 50mg, 100mg.?

What’s the maximum dose of Effexor you can take?

It should be noted that, while the maximum recommended dose for moderately depressed outpatients is also 225 mg per day for Effexor (immediate-release), more severely depressed inpatients in one study of the development program for that product responded to a mean dose of 350 mg per day (range of 150 to 375 mg per day).

How often can I switch to Effexor XR?

Depressed patients who are currently being treated at a therapeutic dose with Effexor (immediate release) may be switched to Effexor XR at the nearest equivalent dose (mg per day), e.g., 37.5 mg venlafaxine twice a day to 75 mg Effexor XR once daily.

What is an equal dosage of Pristiq 50MG 1 daily and Effexor?

It’s the same drug therefore the dose is comparable to be sure I am taking an equal amount of Effexor (Venlafaxine) as I was taking of Pristiq. 225mg per day of Effexor is apparently the max dose but according to the pharmacist today, it is actually a lower dose of Venlafaxine as when I was taking 50mg of Pristiq daily.

When to give up on venlafaxine or Effexor?

The norepiniphrine part kicks in around 150 and up. I did have slight return of side effects with each dose increase, but thankfully it would fade after a few days. Taking it with food helps. If your side effects are tolerable, I wouldn’t give up on effexor until at least 225mg, but that’s just my opinion.