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Best Online Games to Play with your Friends

What in your view is the perfect way of spending a Saturday afternoon? We know what you are thinking. A nice gaming session with your best pals while sitting in your cozy living room can really lighten your mood and brighten your Saturday afternoon. Not to forget the occasional sips of that sizzling hot chocolate that fuels you to make that winning shot.

We are also enthusiastic gamers like you and hence know the struggle of choosing the best games to play on a bright Saturday afternoon. The games would have a perfect blend of suspense, story, design, and challenge. Looking for such a game can be a struggle, but you don’t have to worry as we have got you covered. All you need to worry about is getting access to a reliable internet connection especially if you are planning on playing online.

If you are already satisfied with your current internet service provider, then you are good to go. However, if that is not the case, just bear in mind that you are going to experience a lot of interruptions while playing your favorite games online. Our recommendation would be to subscribe to Cox plans as the brand allows you to enjoy amazing internet speeds at affordable rates. Now that you have access to a stable internet connection, well go ahead and start learning about the top online games that we have mentioned in this article. You will surely love them.

  1. Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

This incredible game is based on a preceding DLC, in which the slightly deranged protagonist Tina takes charge of a group of rebellious as well as dissident people. In essence, these people are dragons and other mythical monsters. Tina then describes the entire adventure.

The basis of the game is also quite similar, but it does have magic, shields, and a rebuilt system of competence. The best way to enjoy this humorous, daring, and lighthearted game is to get together with friends and team up with them.

  1. Gartic Phone

This is a very popular game and hence is in second place in our article. It easily qualifies as one of our favorite games and you can surely enjoy this with your besties on a Saturday night. If you are familiar with the good old Chinese Whispers that were the star of birthday parties growing up, you will surely enjoy this one too. We are saying this because this game takes inspiration from all these classics and just gives them a light, modern twist, that’s all. You will surely have fun playing Gartic Phone.

Set up a voice call with your pals and organize a room because the game can accommodate up to 30 people (that is right, 30!). With up to 11 modes, the game is essentially a hybrid of sketching and language interpretation game. Prepare to write up crazy prompts and try to create humorous pictures of your friends!

  1. Skribbl

If you have a talented artist in you who is looking for a little confidence to come out and show the talent to the world, well Skribbl is the game for you. This creative game will polish your artistic skills and give you a chance to let your thoughts out in an artistic way. Skribbl takes you back in time to the good ol’ days when you enjoyed Pictionary with your best buddies.

It is essentially a browser game that comprises a handful of rounds in which you are required to wait for your turn and then draw your heart out while the rest of your friends will wait and guess what you have put out on the canvas. This game is user-friendly. You just need to form a private room, copy the link to the room and share it with your friends (maximum 7 friends). It’s quite satisfying to witness your small avatar being declared the winner at the end, so amass as many points as you can.

  1. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Being a “Nintendo Switch” game basically implies adhering to the console’s buddy code system, which tries to take pals to a faraway island. The rest of the game is a very jolly experience of valuing the ordinary once that phase is completed.

The main objective of the game is to visit friends’ homes and enjoy their interior décor, wall paintings, and other decorations. The next step is to go outside and capture fish as well as insects on the lawn.

Spending time with friends and going on adventures together is an experience in itself. Additionally, the text chat feature enables players to have simple conversations with one another without using the Nintendo Switch app.

  1. Tabletopia

Are you fond of board games? If yes, then you will be happy to find out that you can even play board games online with your friends. This game is created specifically by popular as well as indie game publishers.

With over 1000 games accessible to play for free, their automated sandbox system designed for playing board games gives you access to a diverse playground that you can explore wholeheartedly. You can also use their special editor to make your personal game and practice your game creation talents.

Final words

Playing online games with your best friends is a nice way of enjoying your free time. It really gives you a break from the daily tensions of life and gives you a mini escape to a world that has a lot to offer. We are hoping this article really helped you in picking out games for your next game night. Share these ideas with your friends and choose a game that excites you the most. Good luck!