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Can fear be treated?

Can fear be treated?

Generally psychotherapy using exposure therapy is successful in treating specific phobias. However, sometimes medications can help reduce the anxiety and panic symptoms you experience from thinking about or being exposed to the object or situation you fear.

What are the dangers of fear?

Fear weakens our immune system and can cause cardiovascular damage, gastrointestinal problems such as ulcers and irritable bowel syndrome, and decreased fertility. It can lead to accelerated ageing and even premature death.

How can I destroy my fear and build confidence?

Tips for trying them out:

  1. Just try out one exercise at a time; you don’t have to do them all!
  2. Pick the one that seems to be calling out to you and the difficulties you’ve been having.
  3. Focus on just one exercise for at least a week, and see what happens, before going on to another.

How to get rid of fear and anxiety?

In summary 1 Practice stress reduction techniques, such as mindfulness meditation or aerobic exercise. 2 Shift your focus to the positive emotions in daily life. 3 Work to identify meaning and purpose in your life. 4 Get support from others. 5 Go for a walk or run in a park. 6 Practice self-compassion.

What to do if you are afraid of taking medication?

Sometimes the fear causes the person to have difficulty swallowing pills. If you have a fear of taking medication, then you should be open about your fear with your doctor. Discuss every possible reason why you might be afraid. If you haven’t thought about it, then take a half an hour or so to write down how you feel.

What kind of Meds do you take for anxiety?

But if your anxiety is primarily in response to a specific type of event and you know when it will happen, the take “as needed” meds may be a good option. There are two types of take “as needed” meds: Beta blockers and benzodiazepines (“benzos”). Let’s start with beta blockers.

What do you mean by phobia of medication?

When you’re afraid, phobic of consuming any medication. For some people, concern about taking medication becomes a fear or even a phobia (avoidance) of taking medication. Such a fear not only involves medication for anxiety disorders but also all other medication, whether it’s aspirin or antibiotics.