Can I put English as my native language?

Can I put English as my native language?

Your native language is the primary one you learned from infancy (some people could have two or even more native languages by this definition, though it is likely one will be stronger than the other[s]). So English may well be your most fluent language now, but nothing else can ever be your native tongue.

How can I say sorry in English?

“Sorry my English” is an incomplete sentence. “Sorry for my poor English” or “Please excuse my poor/bad English” would be the most polite ways to say it, in my opinion.

Which is native language?

Native language refers to the language of the area the person grows up in. For example, growing up in the United States, your native language would be English. It’s the language used every day everywhere you go by the vast majority of the people there. Mother tongue refers to the language of the family you grew up in.

What’s another word for non-native?

What is another word for non-native?

non-local alien
visitor incomer
outsider foreigner
newcomer immigrant
settler refugee

Which is the mother of all languages?

Known as ‘the mother of all languages,’ Sanskrit is the dominant classical language of the Indian subcontinent and one of the 22 official languages of India. It is also the liturgical language of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism.

Can You Say I am not a native speaker in English?

Closed 3 years ago. A few years ago, a German consultant came over to join our meeting in Taiwan, and we always speak local language occasionaly. The German consultant always remind us “Speak in English, please!” seriously. German consultant however is not a native speaker in English either.

Are there any Native Englishes in the world?

Native Englishes include American English, Australian English, British English, Canadian English, Irish English , New Zealand English, Scottish English, and Welsh English. In recent years, the proportion of ENL speakers has steadily declined while the use of English in ESL and EFL regions has rapidly increased.

Can a subliminal message work in your native language?

Subliminals can have the same effect on you even if your native language is not English, as long as you understand the affirmations listed in the description of the meditations you wish to purchase. Your brain is so powerful it can process far more than you realize.

What do you call students whose first language is not English?

The Center for Promise, the research institute at America’s Promise, uses students whose first language is not English (FLNE). But what exactly do these terms mean? What’s the difference between EL, ELL, and FLNE?