Can you tour the Fisher Building?

Can you tour the Fisher Building?

Fisher Building General Information Tours: Pure Detroit offers guided tours of this magnificent building. It’s an incredible way to discover the history of the building and see 360° views of Detroit.

What is the Fisher Building in Detroit used for?

It was designed to house office and retail space. The building, which contains the elaborate 2,089-seat Fisher Theatre, was designated a National Historic Landmark on June 29, 1989. It also houses the headquarters for the Detroit Public Schools and the studios of radio stations WJR, WDVD, and WDRQ.

Why is the Fisher Building famous?

SIGNIFICANCE. The seven Fisher brothers built the Fisher Building as a home for Fisher and Company, which had pioneered in making the closed automobile body. It is historically significant as a local landmark and for its long association with the Fisher family and the development of the American automobile industry.

Who owns Fisher Building?

The Platform LLC
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Can you take pictures at the Fisher Building Detroit?

A nice place to go if you have time. Not as much to see as Guardian building. Great ceiling architecture and marble columns. No photos allowed on the upper floors.

How old is the Fisher Building?

93c. 1928
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Who designed the Fisher Building in Detroit?

Albert Kahn
Joseph Nathaniel French
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The building was designed by architect Albert Kahn and is known as “Detroit’s Largest Art Object.” It is designated a National Historic Landmark. The ownership group paid $12.5 million for the Fisher in a package deal that included the nearby Albert Kahn Building, a parking garage and two surface parking lots.

How old is the Fisher building?

How tall is the Fisher building in Detroit?

441 feet tall
The Fisher is a beast. At 441 feet tall, with two 11-story wings and 1.13 million square feet of floor area, and covered from head to toe in marbles, mosaics and hand-painted ceilings, it’s hard to believe but it took only 15 months to finish it. The building was announced on Jan. 15, 1927.

How tall is the Fisher Building in Detroit?

When was the Fisher Building built?

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When completed in 1928, Kahn was awarded the Architectural League’s silver medal which named the Fisher Building the most beautiful commercial building of that year. Incredibly, construction took only 15 months at a cost of $3 million.

What is the largest building in Detroit?

Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center
Tallest buildings

Rank Name Height feet / m
1 Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center 727 / 222
2 Ally Detroit Center 619 / 189
3 Penobscot Building 565 / 172
4= RenCen Tower 100 522 / 159