Does PSA go down after TURP?

Does PSA go down after TURP?

Conclusions: PSA decreases drastically in patients who undergo TURP. These low levels stabilize within 60 days after surgery. The f/t PSA ratio did not change, and the finding of chronic prostatitis did not affect the levels of these variables.

Can a PSA level go down if prostate cancer is present?

As embram said, it’s possible for it to drop, but that’s because there are other factors besides prostate cancer that can affect PSA – recent sexual activity, inflammation from BPH or prostatitis, even bike riding because of the pounding that area takes. However, LONG-term it would most likely continue to rise as the cancer grows & spreads.

When does elevated PSA go down after antibiotics does that?

If an elevated PSA goes down after antibiotics does that mean you don’t have prostate cancer? Well…I see patients all the time who have had an elevated PSA in the past and their family M.D. put them on 2 weeks of Cipro and then had the PSA repeated. Often times the PSA will go to normal and the family M.D. will then repeat a PSA at say 6 months.

What can I do to lower my PSA level?

The pressure of saddle on the prostate is known to raise the PSA. A wider saddle or a saddle with a cut-out could help. I can give you my experience.

Why does the PSA go down after a prostatectomy?

The reason is that usually, the prostate generates a certain level of PSA. But after being removed, the level of PSA is expected to be zero unless the prostate cells had already spread to other parts of the body.

Is it better to have surgery or radiation for elevated PSA?

This is why it is better to choose surgery over radiation. So, first, you need to have the surgery and only if the PSA levels come back after the prostatectomy, which can happen 5% to 10% of the times, only then radiation should be used as a form of treatment.

How often should you have a PSA test after prostate surgery?

You’ll have your first follow-up PSA test 1 to 3 months after your surgery. You need to wait because some PSA stays in your blood after your prostate is removed. If you wait until it has cleared, that will make an accurate result more likely. Then you’ll have repeat PSA tests once every 6 to 12 months for about 5 years.

Can a PSA reading go down if cancer is present?

I had a PSA reading in June of about 7, which was up from 4 the previous year. I had another test in October and it was 10.4, so my doctor sent me to a urologist who gave me a biopsy, which was positive for prostate cancer on the right side of my prostate, Gleason score 4/3, and recommended either surgery or radiation.