Easy Tips to Market Your Sporting Event on Social Media

The sporting industry wasn’t safe from the major takeover that the Internet did. Now, social media and digital marketing play a crucial role in the success of any team today. This resulted in fiercer competition between sports organizations. Today, up-and-coming teams are being forced to step their game up if they want to thrive in today’s market. So, in hopes of helping sports teams out, we’re created a list of must-try social media marketing strategies that are definitely worth checking out.

Encourage User-Generated Content

To make things even more fun, do your best to encourage user-generated content and share it consistently on your social media platforms. Truth is, UGC serves as a cheat sheet for social media content. From celebrities down to local sports teams, people love sharing photos created by their fans to keep coveted engagement flowing. Do not be afraid to share funny footage demonstrating great moments from sports teams’ life, their ups and downs, etc. If you intend to market sports products, ensure to showcase them to fans in the most unobtrusive manner possible. And here user-generated content also might come in particularly handy. Just make sure your potential customers can notice the cap or t-shirt on their favorite baseball player or check out the new sports equipment that popular soccer team members are using this season.

  • Useful Tip. Planning and creating content is one of the most common struggles that sports go through –and it totally makes sense. So, you need to make sure you’re using the best content generating tools, including dedicated fitness and sport marketing design There are lots of great online editors and design platforms that help sports marketers craft thumb-stopping content for social media and boost their revenue. You just need to choose the appropriate one and start reaping the benefits.

Make the Most out of Your Rivals

Staying with the theme of off-season content and capitalizing on intense rivalries is a great way to encourage engagement from your fans. It can be a simple yet effective way of poking fun at your major competitors without stirring too much fighting between fans. At the same time, you need to keep in mind that you do want friendly competition through your content. So, don’t do anything too controversial and your team is good to go.

Build Pre-Game Excitement

Not all sports fans make mental notes of details of the upcoming sporting events. So, to keep them in the loop, you want to build pre-game excitement by sharing these important details like ticket sales and more. You should never neglect the power of social media when building hype around your sports event. Share posters online, enlist the help of influencers, come up with a simple yet catchy hashtag, build more anticipation by posting visually appealing and fun teaser content, and more.

Share Highlight throughout the Event

It’s not a secret that some fans use social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter to check ongoing games they are missing out on. You also want to keep them updated by sharing highlights throughout the game on your social media accounts. It’s a great way to market not only the event itself, but also your services and products to the intended audience. Instead of sharing highlights, you can also use cutting-edge techs like 360-degree videos to improve your storytelling and boost your audience’s engagement. Note that your highlighted content doesn’t necessarily have to involve fancy camera work, just keep your audiences connected to the sporting event.

Showcase Contributions to the Community

If your team or the social media influencers you’re cooperating with contribute to the community on a regular basis, make sure your followers and potential customers know about it. Nowadays, sports fans want to support those who care for the same thing they are advocating. So, whenever your team participates in community outreaches, make sure you have dedicated posts or sponsorships around this.

These are only some tips that can help you improve your sports marketing strategy. Keep on looking and you’ll hit on some great ideas and marketing techniques that will help you take your campaigns to the next level faster.