Famous people who lose a lot in casinos

Famous people who venture into gambling are usually wealthy; do not forget that their riches brought them fame in the first place. So, throwing money away wouldn’t be a problem for them. The life of a celebrity can be a boring one, and the general public may not be aware of this.

Boredom makes them crave attention and commit to risky lifestyles. This same boredom is traceable to their generous spending and unconcerned attitudes when playing casino games. The exciting casino features contribute immensely to the resultant addictions by celebrities.

Since famous people have huge spending powers, they care little for the minimum deposit amount, casino tips, or other money-management strategies that others apply when playing casino games. They rarely play casino games for the money; they usually play for entertainment and to drive away boredom!

The celebrities have adequate funds to spare for real money gaming. While many gamblers with meager budgets will scramble for a $5 minimum deposit casino canada, you can rarely find famous people considering such when they play casino games. Easy access to money causes compulsive gambling behaviors, reducing their casino win rates and increasing their losses.

Come with us as we reveal to you some of the famous people who have lost to casinos.

Matt Damon

Matt Damon is truly famous and wealthy. He is an actor and also loves passing the time at casinos. He starred in a movie titled Rounder, which exposed his love for gambling. Matt Damon is equally a risky gambler. So, it shouldn’t be surprising that he lost a fortune. The amount of money he lost is close to 25 thousand dollars.

We do not think Matt Damon is an addicted gambler as he doesn’t gamble frequently. Some think his huge loss to the casino is a trick to get into character.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio is quite popular, and he has won several awards in the movie industry. He is high up there in the movie industry but still has the table-games skeleton in his cupboard, which has cost him a fortune.

DiCaprio has a special love for table games as a hobby. While he might not be playing casino games for the money, he has recorded several wins, making him one of the luckiest unserious gamblers ever. Some of his opponents claimed that he usually played casino games without removing his headphones, thereby preventing his concentration on the game.

While he recorded some wins at his beloved table games, the movie star also recorded huge losses. Findings showed that Leonardo DiCaprio had lost up to 50 thousand dollars to the games! Many of his fans make light of his risky behavior. As far as they are concerned, he is still the young, highly-beloved Titanic star, Jack Dawson.

Gladys Knight

Gladys is a singer of repute but also a controversial casino player. She has recorded both winnings and losses in gaming and once won a whopping sum of $60,000. She couldn’t take the money home, and lost every dime to the same casino where she won the jackpot!

What happened? Gladys decided to continue playing the casino games after her huge jackpot win and lost everything. As expected, she felt very bad about the sudden turn of events and called for help. Before help could come, Gladys had lost another $45,000 to the same casino!

She couldn’t cope alone with her addiction and had to check-in at rehab. Gladys is now feeling better but vowed never to stop the habit. This time, she may fare better if she applies casino life hacks required for a more reasonable involvement.

Charles Barkley

Charles is a sportsperson who makes gambling his pastime, and he has lost a fortune amounting to 10 million dollars. The basketball player seems addicted and doesn’t plan to stop his risky escapade.

In fairness to Charles, he has also recorded some wins. As expected, the 10 million dollar loss is no big deal to him, considering the huge fortune he has made from basketball. Lest we forget, Charles Barkley has been an NBA All-Star player 11 times, and he was once an All-NBA Team member. The basketball player was named the MVP of 1993. So, he has the financial capability to handle the hazard of a huge casino loss.

Andris Erglis

Andris is at the center of a considerably dramatic gaming story. While this Latvian singer has succeeded in the music industry, he has not seceded in self-control. His parents’ divorce is at the center of his unhealthy commitment. Andris took the divorce personally and adopted gambling as his coping strategy.

The singer won some but lost more than he won. He lost his house to his addiction and got into debt for the same reason. The affluent singer now lives in a rental apartment with his family and still pays debts accumulated from his unhealthy behavior. The total sum of his bet on casino games could buy him a new house.


Gambling can be a good pastime if you are not addicted to it. Addiction can make a casino gamer lose everything and go bankrupt, which is the case with some famous gamblers discussed above. One important lesson the casino conducts of the celebrities above teaches is that risky gaming behavior can be dangerous to your finances.

Every gambler should know that gambling is a thing of chance. Therefore, you should never put all your eggs in a basket when playing casino games. It would help if you always gambled responsibly and knew when to quit. Set budget and time limits to avoid spending too much money or time at a casino.