How do I access my USM student email?

How do I access my USM student email?

How to Access Your Southern Miss Email Account

  1. Go to either OR This will take you to the login screen.
  2. Use your SOAR credentials to login. And voila!

What is my SMC email address?

Two ways to access your SMC student email: Log in to Corsair Connect, and click “[email protected]”. Click “Student Gmail” on the Corsair Connect login page.

How do I log into my SMC email?

How do students log in to their SMC student email account?

  1. login to Corsair Connect and click the [email protected] icon inside.
  2. click on the SMC Gmail link on the Corsair Connect login page.

How do I find my SMC student ID?

To obtain your SMC Student I.D. card, go to the Cashier’s Office/Student ID at Student Services Center S181. Your SMC Student I.D. provides a convenient way to check out materials from the Library and access the campus tutoring labs and learning resource centers.

What is the email address for SMC students?

Information for Faculty and Staff about Student Email Effective June 16th, 2010, students must use a special Google Gmail email account as their official means of communication with the College. The address format is: [email protected] SMC computer network “usernames” are automatically assigned by a computer program.

Can a SMC faculty email be blocked by spam?

Yes, faculty can contact students using any method desired. However, the College’s spam filter may block many email responses from nonSMC email addresses. The SMC student email address helps identify the sending student quickly. It provides a reasonable level of authentication using a username and password.

Is it important to have an email account at Southern Miss?

The Internet has become increasingly important to getting an education. As an online student, your email account is a great lifeline that will keep you in touch with professors, classmates, and a number of different support systems Southern Miss has in place to help you.

Is there a grace period after leaving SMC?

SMC also provides access to Google Drive, Google Docs, and several other Google applications to current students. Former students are encouraged to transfer any data they want to keep over to personal accounts immediately after leaving SMC. Former students lose access to all online services after a grace period (currently two years).