How long before spironolactone works for acne?

How long before spironolactone works for acne?

Spironolactone can take 3 to 6 months to have its full effects. Waiting for the results can be very frustrating. Spironolactone only works while you are taking it. This means your acne may come back when you stop.

Does spironolactone make you breakout at first?

“Most women should expect it to take around 3 months for the benefits to start showing. In my experience of prescribing the drug, it is not uncommon for spots to flare up initially before starting to settle. For this reason I typically prescribe a low dose for the first few weeks and gradually build it up over time.”

Will I breakout if I stop taking spironolactone?

Your acne can come back after taking spironolactone It is prescribed to be taken daily but according to Dr Mahto, acne can return when it is discontinued. “Spironolactone can be safely taken for many years if necessary,” she adds.

Does spironolactone work immediately?

Like most medications for acne, spironolactone also doesn’t work immediately.

When to use spironolactone for severe acne?

Spironolactone should be never be used without a proper topical skincare routine. In case that there no improvement with topical medications in 6 months. Spironolactone can be considered. Spironolactone can be prescribed only to healthy, adult women with hormonal related moderated to severe acne that did not respond to topical treatment.

Is it true that spironolactone is a hormone?

Spironolactone is not a hormone. it’s actually a diuretic that also works as an androgen blocker. It blocks the effects of male hormones in the body like testosterone, which can contribute to oil production and acne.

When do I have to go back to spironolactone?

My dermatologist has said that some women experience a ‘honeymoon’ period for awhile after quitting spironolactone, so my acne may not come back for a year or so. Then, when it does, I will have to go back on spironolactone. Please let us know experiences in this area if anyone has dealt with this?! Loading… SpiroUser over a year ago

Can you take spironolactone alone or with antibiotics?

Spironolactone usually is prescribed with a combined oral contraceptive (COC), more commonly known as the birth control pill, though it can be taken alone. Doctors also sometimes combine spironolactone with oral antibiotics. This is controversial since antibiotics produce only moderate benefit and come with a plethora of side effects.

How long does until spironolactone clear up acne?

The time it takes to clear acne flares after consuming spironolactone depend from person to person. According to Dr. Marchbein, “12 weeks is the typical amount of time to see clearance.” Apart from this, many users report a clearance in as few as 3 weeks while some also report in as much as 4 months after taking spironolactone.

Is it dangerous to use spironolactone for acne?

The long-term use of spironolactone in the treatment of acne in women appears to be safe. Side effects, however, are common, although not usually a cause for stopping the drug.

How is spironolactone used to treat acne?

Basically, spironolactone works by blocking androgen in women who have too much adrogen or are hyper-sensitive to it. By keeping excess androgen off the skin, spironolactone reduces and clears away acne outbreaks.

Can you use spironolactone to treat acne?

Spironolactone is typically used to treat acne that is cystic and in the distribution area of the chin and jaw line. It is an anti-andronergic medication, meaning it counteracts male hormones in the body that can drive acne.