How Long Can hormone therapy work for advanced prostate cancer?

How Long Can hormone therapy work for advanced prostate cancer?

Hormone therapy can help shrink the prostate and any cancer that has spread, and make the treatment more effective. You may be offered hormone therapy for up to six months before radiotherapy. And you may continue to have hormone therapy during and after your radiotherapy, for up to three years.

Is there hormone therapy for advanced prostate cancer?

Advanced prostate cancer is a cancer that started in the prostate that has now spread to another part of the body, such as the bones or lungs. What is hormone therapy? Hormones occur naturally in your body.

What are the side effects of advanced prostate cancer?

It’s used for men with few or no symptoms and when advanced prostate cancer no longer responds to hormone therapy. The most common side effect is chills. Other common side effects include fatigue, fever, back pain, and nausea.

How is testosterone used to treat prostate cancer?

Testosterone is a male hormone mainly made by the testicles. Prostate cancer usually depends on testosterone to grow. Hormone therapy blocks or lowers the amount of testosterone in the body. This can lower the risk of an early prostate cancer coming back when you have it with other treatments.

What is intermittent androgen deprivation ( ADT ) for prostate cancer?

What is intermittent ADT? Researchers have investigated whether a technique called intermittent androgen deprivation can delay the development of hormone resistance. With intermittent androgen deprivation, hormone therapy is given in cycles with breaks between drug administrations, rather than continuously.

How does hormone therapy help with prostate cancer?

Hormone therapy can control or shrink the cancer and reduce symptoms. It can help you feel better and improve your quality of life for a time but it can’t cure the cancer. Most men with advanced prostate cancer have hormone therapy. If your cancer has spread when it is diagnosed, you might start hormone therapy straight away.

Which is better for prostate cancer, ADT or hormone therapy?

In addition, an NCI-sponsored trial showed that men with hormone-sensitive metastatic prostate cancer lived longer when treated with the chemotherapy drug docetaxel (Taxotere) at the start of ADT than men treated with ADT alone . Men with the most extensive metastatic disease appeared to benefit the most from the early addition of docetaxel.

Why do prostate cancer cells need high levels of androgen?

Once activated, the androgen receptor stimulates the expression of specific genes that cause prostate cells to grow ( 3 ). Early in their development, prostate cancers need relatively high levels of androgens to grow.

When do you need to change your treatment for prostate cancer?

But if prostate cancer cells are starting to grow and develop, the level of PSA may go up. Then your doctor may need to change your treatment. They will discuss this with you. After some months or years the hormone treatment usually stops working and the cancer starts to grow again.