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How much does a Mercedes Sprinter RV cost?

How much does a Mercedes Sprinter RV cost?

Sprinter camper vans are good-looking, hardy and roomy – and get great fuel mileage – the perfect rig for immersing yourself in nature. But are Sprinter van campers really worth the cost? A brand new Mercedes Sprinter van costs anywhere between $38,000 and $56,000, and that’s without the camper conversion.

Do sprinters have bathrooms?

The inside of the Sprinter includes a full bathroom with a shower, a kitchen, a bed, and multiple entertainment systems.

How much is a Mercedes Winnebago Sprinter?

Let’s get the elephant out of the room right upfront. A 4×4 Sprinter with every creature comfort you have at home is not an inexpensive machine. Pricing of the 2021 Winnebago Revel went up about $12,000 over the outgoing model and now starts at $175,000.

Why are Mercedes Sprinters so expensive?

According to The Wayward Home, part of the reason converting a Sprinter van costs so much is due to its base price. A base cargo Sprinter retails for $36,355 while opting for a high-roof version will increase that bottom line to around $51,000, and that’s before adding any customizations.

What kind of mileage does a Mercedes Sprinter van get?

After compiling real-life data, it was found that the 2018 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van gets approximately 14.5 mpg on average.

Does Mercedes Benz make an RV?

Class B and Class C Motorhomes built on a Mercedes Benz chassis offer the comfort and style of European luxury cars and the convenience of traveling in an RV. RVs with Mercedes chassis come in two motorhome types: the van-like Class B and the larger, truck-like Class C.

Does Mercedes make Winnebago?

Winnebago Navion by Winnebago Industries | Built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Chassis | Winnebago Navion Motor Home For Sale. Built on the proven Mercedes-Benz® Sprinter chassis, the Navion is available in three floorplans, each with one slideout that expands your living space with the touch of a button.

How much is a 2021 Winnebago ekko?

However, all those features add up, and the Ekko isn’t cheap, starting at $163,662….Gallery: 2021 Winnebago Ekko.

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