How much does it cost to get question answered on JustAnswer?

How much does it cost to get question answered on JustAnswer?

Most questions appear to be answered for $5. Bloggers who have tested the service say that the typical expert gets just 20% of that, but may be able to work their way up to getting half. (Don’t spend that $2.50 windfall all in one place.)

What is the meaning of just asking questions?

Just asking questions (also known as JAQ ing off) is a way of attempting to make wild accusations acceptable (and hopefully not legally actionable) by framing them as questions rather than statements.

What are the dumbest questions you can ask on Yahoo Answers?

10. How do I ask a question on Yahoo Answers? (This was asked on Yahoo! Answers.) 11. Why are the holes in cats fur always in the right places for their eyes? 12. Wtf is obamas last name? Does anyone know? 13. How far of a drive is it from Miami to Florida? 14.

How to answer the question that you wish had been asked?

Answer the question that you wish had been asked.’ The simplest approach is to act as if a question you want to be asked has been asked. Well actually I think there’s a problem with the water system, which has to be addressed now.

How much does it cost to use just answers?

To be honest, there is no definite answer to this question that I could find. The honest answer per my research on their official website is that it will depend on the question and the type of expert in which field your answer stems. My friend cited above asked a question and was charged first $5, then $52.

Where can I find answers to my questions?

Find answers to general inquiries on JustAnswer. Experts on JustAnswer have answered thousands of questions, including: My 11-year-old son is not doing his work in school. I have put him on punishment, and he knows I am in constant contact with his teacher, but he just doesn’t care and is failing.

Do you pay people to answer your questions on JustAnswer?

JustAnswer is an online platform in which you can pay people for answering any of your questions. On the other hand, if you want toearn some money as a professionalin your respective field, you can answer the questions posted on the website by providing your expertise.

What do you need to know about JustAnswer review?

Once an expert applies to answer questions on the site, the company says a third-party service verifies the expert’s identity and “at least one relevant credential.” After an expert is approved, he or she is subject to customer ratings, peer reviews and secret shoppers. The website clearly displays these ratings for each expert.

Where can I get the best answers to my questions?

Board-certified general practitioners, pediatricians, cardiologists, oncologists, and more are ready to answer your question online or by phone in minutes, 24/7. From evaluating current symptoms to reviewing test results and offering second opinions, you can access high-quality care when you need it most.

What happens if you don’t Rate Your Answer on JustAnswer?

If a customer doesn’t rate your answer, you don’t get paid at all. Moreover the site expects experts to plug in all sorts of personal information, including your Social Security number and resume, to “verify your expertise” before you answer any questions. That creates a security risk for very little potential return.

What kind of questions can you ask on JustAnswer?

The first group of people would be the ones asking all the questions. These people can basically ask about just anything as long as it falls within the 175 categories in JustAnswer. Once these people receive the answers they are looking for, they will pay the professional who answered the question for him.

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Where can I find JustAnswer question and answer service?

If you are new to JustAnswer, popular brands online like CNN, NBC, Good Morning America , The Huffington Post have mentioned them. You can even find them on Youtube where they discuss the many benefits of their question and answer service.