How serious is a TURP operation?

How serious is a TURP operation?

Death. TURP carries a very small risk of causing death. The risk of dying as a result of the procedure is now estimated to be less than 1 in 1,000. The risk usually arises from complications involving the heart or a serious postoperative infection.

When was the last time I had a TURP?

Just saw your story/post. Had TURP 1 week ago. Not veryet happy so far. Glad you are ok. Hello. Some doctor don’t tell you the whole story. There have been men on this post that have had a turp and they have problem up to a year. All men heal at a different rate. Good luck and I do hope you guys feel better Ken Hi! I had the TURP 16 days ago.

Is it possible to have a TURP operation?

Flow is good but still blood in urine, painful in penis when urinating (feels like razors) and painful in abdomen at the end. I guess it’s still early days. Just a bit worried about UTI but have follow-up with consultant next week so we’ll see what he says.

Can a TURP remove the transitional zone of the prostate?

Yes and no: Turp removes the inner portion or the transitional zone of your prostate. It’s an operation to make you urinate better. Complete removal of the pros …

Do men still take Flomax after a TURP operation on prostate?

Do men still take Flomax after a turp operation on prostate? Flomax for years and the doctor or hospital did not say to Do men still take Flomax after a turp operation on prostate? After suffering an infection after turp surgery I am unable to urinate. Urodynamic test shows sphincter won’t relax when bladder … read more

Can a 65 year old man have a TURP?

Dr. Schwartz says: “You certainly want to make sure you will have a safe and successful experience.” Q: I am a 65-year-old man who had a transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) done to reduce an enlarged prostate 10 years ago.

Are there any alternative surgical procedures to TURP?

Alternative surgical procedures to TURP include: 1 open enucleative prostatectomy – this involves making a cut in the abdomen to remove… 2 laser TURP – a laser is used to remove prostate tissue from the middle part of the prostate,… 3 transurethral incision of the prostate (TUIP) – similar to TURP except that no prostate tissue is…

How is the TURP procedure used to treat prostate cancer?

TURP procedure. It involves inserting a slender instrument through the urethra to the prostate and removing prostate tissue back through the urethra. Only the middle part of the prostate is removed to release the blockage and allow you to pass urine more easily. TURP is used most often for non-cancerous blockage,…

Can a TURP cause incontinence in a man?

Comments about OAB (over active bladder), urge incontinence, etc. But, no clear reasons for this happening to me, and not to the other 99.5% of men who have TURP. (The 99.5% is a number I found in a urological journal, and it said by two months after the procedure, 99.5% of men have little or no incontinence.