How to look after your prized household belongings

Do you have a habit of losing or breaking beloved possessions? Or perhaps you’ve had problems with theft or criminal damage in the past. Whatever the case, it’s important to protect and look after the items you care for most, so they stay in top condition as long as possible.

Research from fitted furniture specialist Hammonds reveals that sentimental, irreplaceable items such as family photos and children’s paintings are our most valued possessions. Next up are high-cost items such as tech or furniture, with practical items like passports and mobile phones also considered important.

With all these items most commonly kept in the home, how can you keep yours safe?

Find secure spots

Theft offences decreased by 15% in England and Wales in the year ending 2021, but that’s not to say you should leave your prized possessions out in the open.

The Hammonds study found that a third of us store them securely inside a safe, while just over three in ten hide them inside wardrobes. 11% shove them under the bed, meanwhile.

Other smart options for your stash include false stairs, drawers and skirting boards, or even repurposing everyday items like food containers, plant and paint pots. What lengths are you willing to go to keep cash or valuables out of reach?

Get protected

Home security systems come in many different forms and act as effective deterrents to thieves. Window locks, double deadlocks and external light sensors are among the most popular security measures in England and Wales households, with premium options including security cameras and smart locks that integrate with your phone.

Regardless of your setup, it’s worth taking out home contents insurance too – especially if you have several high-ticket items that would cost a lot of money to replace. Hammonds’ research showed that expensive tech items were what we’d prioritise if only given 30 seconds to rescue things from our home.

A good contents insurance policy will cover you for accidental damage too, which is handy if you’re clumsy or have small children or pets!

Stay organised

Sometimes theft isn’t to blame, as many valuables are all-too-easily lost or misplaced. One such item is a passport, which 9% of Brits would prioritise in a rescue situation. Getting organised will make sure your possessions stay put and retain their condition over time.

Jewellery organisers are especially handy, particularly if you currently bundle yours together in a draw or leave them on top of a dresser. Filing systems meanwhile are crucial for storing important documents like passports, health records and financial statements, saving time searching when you need them.

Is your home secure, protected and organised? Follow these tips to preserve your most cherished and important items for years to come.