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How to obtain a value from a promise?

How to obtain a value from a promise?

When I call the function makeGeoCodingRequest request,I find that I obtain a promise instead of a value: Why isnt promise.then executed before the value was returned? How can I obtain a value from this promise instead of another promise? If you depend on a promise in order to return your data, you must return a promise from your function.

Where did the promise of the Promised Seed come from?

God assured him the promised “seed” would come from his own body, that the son would be his son (15:4). Like the stars of the heavens (15:5), his “seed” would be numberless. Abraham believed God’s promise, and due to his faith in the promise of a “seed,” he was justified (15:6).

When do you return a promise in JavaScript?

Once 1 function in your callstack is async, all functions that want to call it have to be async as well if you want to continue linear execution. ( async = return a promise ) Notice that your if statement does not have braces and thus only the first statement after it will not be executed if the condition fails.

How old was Abraham when he left the Promised Land?

At the time Abraham left Haran, he was seventy-five years old, and his wife Sarai was sixty-five (see Genesis 12:4; 17:17 ). If there was to be a “ seed,” he and Sarai must have a son. A famine in Canaan prompted Abram to leave the promised land and go to live in Egypt. Even at her age, Sarai was a beautiful woman.

How to get the result of a promise?

You access the result of a promise by using the .then method (or using await in an async function). Your .then callback is then called when/if the result is made available, which will happen after you call resolve, or if the promise was already resolved prior it will be called rather quickly.

How can I keep my promise to my Story?

Go to the library and pull 10 books off the shelf. Read the first page or first chapter and identify the point at which you know what the story is about and where it will go. That will help you understand the story promise in your own work.

Which is an example of a story promise?

That will help you understand the story promise in your own work. An example of an opening with a strong story promise is J. R. R. Tolkien’s classic book The Hobbit, which begins: In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit.

Is the story Promise a rule or a tool?

In the end, the story promise is just one more tool – not a rule – to help the creative process. Hunter Liguore teaches creative writing at Western Connecticut State University and historic fiction writing at Lesley University. She also teaches nature writing at the Mark Twain House and Connecticut Audubon Society.