How to write a good essay?

In this article, we will explain how to write a grammatically good essay. Writing is a skill that is often neglected because it is much more attractive to learn to speak than to write in English. However, if you are going to take an exam or use English at work, the skill of writing should be developed. In this article, we’ll give you tips for learning to write in English correctly, and we’ll also tell you where you can practice your writing. Besides, you can pay to write essay online. This will ensure having high grades with minimal effort.

The 4 components of good writing in English


Let’s begin by understanding the concept of “literate writing” to understand what and how exactly we have to work with it.

Good writing in English necessarily includes such components:

  • A rich vocabulary;
  • grammatically correct sentences;
  • perfect spelling;
  • Correct punctuation.



That is, to learn to write well in English, you need to constantly learn new words, be able to build sentences competently, write all words correctly and put punctuation marks. Besides, you can go to essay writing service reddit to improve your writing skills. Let’s see what you need to do to achieve these goals.

Increase your vocabulary

The more vocabulary you have, the more accurately and beautifully you can express your thoughts. Try to constantly learn new words and expressions and immediately use them in writing. At the same time you will get the opposite effect: the written word will be remembered better than the read word. We recommend paying attention to the following vocabulary:


Word synonyms

For example, try not to use simple words like good, bad, etc. Check out and pick up some nice synonyms under the Synonyms tab. You have to admit there is a big difference between the phrases good weather and wonderful weather.


Vivid expressions can help you express your thoughts accurately and beautifully. Compare the sentences “This house is expensive” with “This house costs a pretty penny. The second sentence sounds more natural and expressive.

Phrasal verbs.

They “work” in the same way as idioms: they help you express a thought accurately and make you sound more natural and like a native speaker. For example, you are much more likely to see “We put off our trip” than “We postponed our trip”.


Not all words in English can be combined, many words have not been combined the way they are in other languages. Therefore it is recommended to consult the special dictionary, where you can check whether you can use certain words with each other. For example, you can write to file a complaint, but not to give a complaint.

Keep in mind the fact that you should avoid excessive use of idioms and phrasal verbs in official letters.

Learn grammar

To write competently in English, you need a good knowledge of grammar. Using different grammatical constructions: the whole variety of tenses, modal verbs, turns of speech, etc. As a result, you will master the skill to convey your thoughts most accurately.

Improve your spelling

There are many similarly spelled words in English that are dramatically different in meaning, so spelling mistakes can be both curious and disastrous. Imagine that a person doesn’t think it’s necessary to learn the correct spelling of words and instead of “We need some dye” will write “We need some die”. As you can see, spelling can save lives, so be a superhero: spell correctly!

study punctuation

Remember the joke about the place of the comma in the phrase “Execution cannot be pardoned”? And native speakers also have their joke phrase, Let’s eat grandma! in which you can eat grandma or invite her to eat. So punctuation, too, needs to be studied so that your thoughts are properly understood.

Write dictations


Online dictations are another way to practice all your English skills. The text written under dictation is quite well remembered, which means that later you will be able to use useful cliches to write your letters and texts. Above, we pointed out an article where you will find resources with dictations in English.

Proofread and edit what you’ve written

Even if you are studying English with a teacher, you should definitely do some self-checking. Edit your text, and try to find and correct mistakes without anyone else’s help. To make it easier to find mistakes, try the following trick: read the text from the end, one sentence at a time. This way it will be easier for you to find inaccuracies.

Learn the peculiarities of writing styles

Before writing any paper, decide in what style you should write it. A business partner shouldn’t write “What’s up?” and a friend would be surprised by a somewhat outdated and formal “How do you do?”, so determine the “target audience” of your letter to set the right tone.


Reread your old writing

Many English teachers advise practicing writing in any one place: the same notebook, file (if you prefer a keyboard to a pen), blog, etc. In doing so, you can watch your skill improve: you write more, use different word forms, more complex grammatical constructions. Plus, if you have a tutor to help you correct mistakes, you’ll see if the number of blunders has decreased. Keeping track of your progress is useful: it’s extra motivation to learn English.


Get yourself interested in practicing your writing skill


It’s easier than you think: write about things that you are interested in or that will benefit you. For instance: if you like poetry, take part in discussions in a poetry forum; if you like TV series, write reviews, etc. In general, feel free to write your opinion on any issue of interest to you and give it to the teacher for review. Besides, you won’t get bored for a minute if you often change the topic of your notes: today you write about your favorite movie, tomorrow – about your trip, the day after tomorrow – about the holidays. This way you will repeat vocabulary on the chosen topic and diversify your writing activity.