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Is it better to be second author or last author?

Is it better to be second author or last author?

The first author should be that person who contributed most to the work, including writing of the manuscript. The sequence of authors should be determined by the relative overall contributions to the manuscript. It is common practice to have the senior author appear last, sometimes regardless of his or her contribution …

Can I change corresponding author after acceptance?

Answer: Generally speaking, journals should not have any problem with changing the order of authors as long as all the authors agree with this change and the final version of the paper is approved by all of them.

How do you change corresponding author?

To change the corresponding author (what should appear in the published paper), read Change your author details before publication instead. Click on the link and make one of the co-authors as submitting user for further editing the manuscript and communication with the editorial office.

How do I change the corresponding author in Elsevier?

Check the author list and make any required changes to the contact details and author order. If changing corresponding author, please note that after you complete the revision process, the submission will move from your Author Home Page to that of the new Corresponding Author. See this FAQ for more information.