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Is it normal to have a jammed finger?

Is it normal to have a jammed finger?

A jammed finger is common in sports but may also occur during regular daily activities. Even if the injured finger looks normal and can move normally, it may require medical treatment. The anatomy of the finger joint is complex, and several types of injuries can result in permanent problems if they are left undiagnosed or untreated.

What causes a jammed finger when you close a drawer?

Or, as you go to close a drawer, you accidentally jam your finger against its edge. This type of blunt impact may cause a jammed finger, a condition that happens when the tip of the finger is pushed back toward the hand.

How big is a jammed finger after catching a football?

The day after I jammed my middle finger catching a football, it remained bent and had swollen to twice its size. I was a little concerned, but blew it off, figuring that it was just a bad jam.

What causes a jammed finger in a sport?

Jammed fingers are a common sports injury, especially in sports where the hand absorbs the impact of the ball, such as basketball, baseball, and volleyball. A jammed finger occurs when the tip of a person’s finger presses forcefully against the hand. This action can cause the ligaments in a person’s finger to become overstretched or strained.

How to treat a jammed finger at home?

To treat a jammed finger: 1 Ice the finger with a cold pack for 15 minutes. Placing your finger in ice water works, too. 2 Elevate your hand to reduce swelling. More

What happens to your finger when you jam it?

If it’s a jammed finger: When a person jams a finger, he or she will experience pain, redness, and the finger will feel weak. Depending on the force of trauma, the finger may also swell and lose some of its range of motion.

Can a jammed finger respond to short-term rest?

And depending on what your job is, you may also have miss some work or switch to an activity (short-term) that doesn’t involve your hands or fingers to any great extent. In general, sprains, strains, bruises, and most causes of inflammation respond well to short-term rest.

Which is worse a broken finger or a jammed finger?

Any action that puts extra strain on the PIP joint can result in a jammed finger. A broken finger is often more painful than a jammed finger, although both may be treated using a splint. A broken finger will cause severe pain and swelling that lasts for hours or even days.