Is it normal to have ribbon like stools?

Is it normal to have ribbon like stools?

“In the absence of warning signs (low blood count, unintentional weight loss, evidence of blood in the stool or a family history of colon cancer in a first degree relative), the occasional occurrence of ribbon-like stools is usually nothing to be concerned about.

What causes bowel movements that look like ribbon?

Ribbon-like stools can occur in younger patients and generally represent strong contractions of the colon flattening out the stool.

Why does my stool look like a pencil?

Learn more about BPH here. Changes in the shape of stool can be one sign of colon or rectal cancer. If a tumor grows in either area, it can change the shape of the bowel, and so cause stool to be flat or thin and pencil-like.

Can a benign polyp cause flat ribbon stool?

Flat Ribbon Stool Causes other than Colon Cancer. Yes, a benign polyp can cause flat ribbon stools by partially blocking the anal exit that BMs would go through, causing the feces to take on this peculiar formation.

What causes flattened stool?

Flat stool will have a ribbon-like appearance and be accompanied by other symptoms.It occurs if there is an intestinal issue such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or an obstruction like a colon polyp.

What causes ribbon bowel movements?

Change in stool shape: Thin or narrow stools, often described as ribbon- or pencil-like, may also be a sign of colon cancer. In an otherwise healthy person, thin stools may be caused by a narrowing of the colon, also called a partial blockage of the colon due to colon cancer.

What causes flat bowel stools?

Flat stools: Although it is possible that flat stools could be caused by impacted feces, it could also be caused by a polyp or tumor in the colon. Anytime somebody has a change in their bowel habits like this, it needs to be evaluated.

What causes narrow stools?

The following outlines what causes narrow stools: A lack of liquids and a low-fiber diet can lead to constipation. Adding fiber to your diet adds bulk to the stool, increasing its size. Many people find that if they don’t consume enough fiber, their stools become thin and stringy.