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Is there a recovery timeline for a tibial plateau fracture?

Is there a recovery timeline for a tibial plateau fracture?

Ultimately, we can have the best PT in the world, but if you’re not putting in the hard work, it’s fruitless. A recovery timeline can’t be attached as a one size fits all with this injury.

What happens to the tibia if the fibula is broken?

The fracture is horizontal, and the bone can become unstable if the fibula is also broken. The tibia is moved out of place when it breaks. The broken ends of the bone are separated and don’t align. This type of fracture is fairly severe and may require surgery for full recovery. The bone fractures at an angle and is fairly stable.

When does a subchondral insufficiency fracture occur?

Subchondral insufficiency fractures are non-traumatic fractures that occur immediately below the cartilage of a joint. Although low bone density may be present concurrently, it is not the underlying cause of subchondral insufficiency fractures in the majority of patients. Patients with subchondral i …

Are there any nonsurgical treatments for a tibia fracture?

Nonsurgical treatment of a fractured tibia includes: , researchers are starting to investigate a potential nonsurgical treatment for fractures involving bone morphogenetic proteins. Research for this treatment is still in its early stages. In certain cases, your doctor may recommend surgery.

What are the long term prognosis of tibial plateau fractures?

However, a Tibial Plateau fracture carries with it an increased risk of osteoarthritis in a later stage, as well as the possibility of limited range of motion in the injured leg and different limitations and pains, and in rare cases can have complications.

What are the treatment options for tibial plateau fractures?

Treatment Rest and apply cold therapy or ice and compression to help reduce pain and swelling. Seek medical assistance immediately. In order to correctly diagnose a fracture, an X-ray must be performed. Once your tibial plateau fracture has been diagnosed a number of treatment options are available depending on the extent of the damage.

How can a tibial plateau fracture be treated?

One way to treat a tibial plateau fracture is by using the knee brace and splinting technique. Knee braces and sprints are worn around the knee to help support them in cases of damage. While casts are considered to be more effective for supporting the knee, they are not adjustable.

What is the healing time for a broken tibia?

The average time to healing in a simple tibia fracture is about 4.5 months. There is one study that suggests applying a medical device that emits pulses of ultrasound waves to the bone for twenty minutes a day can decrease the healing time approximately by three weeks.