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Should I include personal interests on my resume?

Should I include personal interests on my resume?

Company websites usually have employee profiles that include hobbies, interests, and past experience. If you can find a similar connection with the person or people you’re meeting with, definitely include it on your resume.

What can I put in my personal profile on my CV?

Top tips for writing a CV personal profileTailor it to the specific role. It’s unlikely that every role you apply for will be looking to hire a professional with exactly the same skills and experience. Keep it brief. Focus on professional experience. Use facts and figures. Proofread.

Can you write multiple personal statements?

No, you only write one personal statement that all of your choices see. The same goes if you apply to further universities, or courses in Extra or Clearing.

Do you have to write a personal statement for clearing?

You’ll need to complete the UCAS application as normal, including a personal statement. You can’t add course choices but once registered, you’ll get an email with a link to the UCAS Track and your Clearing number.