The Importance – and Benefits – of Regular Car Maintenance

Servicing for your vehicle may feel like a non-essential addition to the already-mounting costs of owning a car, but the results show that keeping a regular maintenance schedule is anything but. Frequent visits to a garage or local mechanic can have positive impacts on your car’s roadworthiness, performance and even value – and here’s why.

Minimises Roadside Emergencies

Keeping to a regular car maintenance routine is a sure-fire way to reduce the risk of suffering a breakdown – and can also ensure you pass your MOT each year in the process. There are several things you can do to keep your car running smoothly yourself, from monitoring your engine’s oil to checking your tyres on a regular basis. But there are many inaccessible parts to your car that can wear down and potentially fail during driving, and that shouldn’t be reviewed by anyone but a professional mechanic.

Regular servicing means a professional can take a look under the hood, catch any issues before they manifest and keep your car breakdown free as a result. As part of your maintenance schedule, be sure to book your MOT online in advance – this way your MOT can form part of your schedule, and you can use a service closer to the time of your booked MOT to make sure everything is as it should be.

Improves Performance

Regular vehicle maintenance can have the knock-on effect of improving your car’s overall performance, on top of simply catching accidents before they happen. As a common example, your car’s oil is responsible for keeping its engine running smoothly. The older oil gets, the gummier and less lubricative it becomes; over time, your engine needs to work harder to compensate for the lack of lubrication, leading to sluggishness and reduced fuel efficiency. Regular maintenance would see oil changed regularly, allowing your engine to provide optimal performance.

Improves Safety

Servicing your car regularly won’t just ensure that potential breakdown factors are caught and rectified; it can also catch issues that directly affect your and your passengers’ safety. For example, your electrics might be growing faults, resulting in intermittent working headlights; alternatively, your brake pads might be nearing the end of their life, leading to reduced braking capacity. Your airbags may even need to be replaced. Without regular maintenance, faults such as these increase your risk of injury in an accident.

Increases Resale Value

Altogether, the outcomes of regular car maintenance can directly impact your car’s resale value. It will naturally have depreciated in value since leaving the showroom, but regular care and attention from specialists will significantly extend its lifespan – and render it a better example of its model than other similar cars on the market. As such, any further depreciation will be lessened, bagging you more money if you ever sell.