What are the benefits of high blood pressure in elderly people?

What are the benefits of high blood pressure in elderly people?

Thus, high blood pressure can indicate a strong heart. As for the second benefit, pumping more blood to an elderly person’s brain can ensure better oxygenation, which can protect the brain from developing dementia. So the blood pressure for an 85 year old male who is otherwise in good physical condition can be a little elevated.

Can a person over 80 stop taking blood pressure pills?

The acceptable blood pressure guideline for people 60 and older was recently raised to 150/90. Some authorities now argue that anyone over 80—without cardiac problems—can stop taking the pills.

Can a very old person have high blood pressure?

On top of that, as previewed in the introduction of this article, for very old and frail people (over the age of 80), elevated blood pressure can be a good indicator. How do we explain this? Well, for a senior to have high blood pressure, their heart has to be relatively strong to pump the blood with such force.

What should normal blood pressure be for 70 year old woman?

If the issue persists, consider getting a medical alert system. So what is a normal blood pressure reading for a 70 year old woman? The goal of 150/90 mmHg may seem too high but pushing for lower levels can sometimes only add risks without offering additional benefits.

How to treat high blood pressure in the elderly?

Therefore, it is recommended that these medications be started at low doses and increased slowly to avoid a too rapid or excessive lowering of blood pressure. Furthermore, it is important to measure the blood pressure in the elderly while they are standing in addition to while they are sitting or lying.

Which is the best medication to take for high blood pressure?

Your doctor has many high blood pressure medications to choose from. They work in different ways to lower your blood pressure. Each type of drug has its own possible side effects, so it’s a good idea to know exactly which high blood pressure medicines you take. Ask your doctor or pharmacist these questions:

What are the new guidelines for high blood pressure?

Under the new guidelines, you have hypertension if you have blood pressure of least 130 for the systolic (top) number or 80 for the diastolic (bottom) number. Previously, the number that put you in the high blood pressure category was 140/90.

How is mild hypertension treated in this age group?

In fact, studies have shown that mild hypertension is often not treated in this age group. For example, only 25 % of patients with systolic pressures as high as 180-185 mm Hg currently are being treated. To look further at the significance of this situation, Dr. Moser reviewed the results of several large treatment trials.