What are the effects of TBI on children?

What are the effects of TBI on children?

The effects of TBI on children differ in several ways from the effects on an injured adult: Because the child’s brain is still developing, injury may alter the course of development of the brain and its functions. It is not clear whether this works in the child’s favor.

What did I do when my son had TBI?

I worried about how we were going to cope. When my husband or I were home, we’d tried to focus on the needs and cares of our other children, while managing the daily chores that made the household run smoothly. When we’d been at the rehab hospital, our only focus had been to take care of Paul.

How is traumatic brain injury different in children?

The functional impact of TBI in children can be different than in adults—deficits may not be immediately apparent because the pediatric brain is still developing. TBI in children is a chronic disease process rather than a one-time event, because symptoms may change and unfold over time (DePompei & Tyler, in press; Masel & DeWitt, 2010).

How are motor deficits related to traumatic brain injury?

Motor Deficits and Disabilities. For many patients, the damage to the brain resulting from a moderate to severe TBI may lead to life-long disabilities or motor deficits. The term disability in relationship to TBI means a loss of physical or mental function caused by damage to the brain.

Why are there so many children with TBI?

The families’ words also convey frustrations that can result from a lack of awareness about TBI and its implications for children, adolescents, and young adults, as brain development continues into their 20s.

Is there public interest in Pediatric Traumatic brain injury?

Newspapers and magazines .The general public’s interest in pediatric TBI has increased with articles and YouTube videos about concussion and sports injuries.

Can a child recover from a traumatic brain injury?

For example, Chapman, Gamino, and Cook (2009) state that many youths who have experienced a TBI recover to near-normal levels in early-developing, basic cognitive functions such as memory and vocabulary acquisition.

How does TBI affect the life of an injured person?

The long-term impact that TBI imposes on the injured person, family members, and friends is unthinkable. The nightmare of TBI relives itself day after day, month after month, and year after year. Grief and sadness persist even ten years later, despite all the miraculous gains my son has made since his initial injury.