What can be used to repair a rectovaginal fistula?

What can be used to repair a rectovaginal fistula?

In some cases, temporary fecal diversion through a stoma may be part of surgical fistula repair and healing. There are also more experimental procedures for rectovaginal fistula repair. These include the use of fibrin glue and fistula plugs. Fistula plugs are, however, more often used for repairing other types of fistula.

How old is the woman with the recto vaginal fistula?

I am a 26-year-old single mother of a healthy and handsome nine-year-old boy. I graduated from The University of California, Santa Cruz in June of 2013. I had been living with what is known as a Recto-vaginal fistula (Obstetric fistula) for seven years.

When to remove the Seton from a rectovaginal fistula?

They may also insert a tube called a seton to allow your fistula to drain safely and reduce inflammation. The seton is usually removed at the time of fistula repair. Once inflammation and/or infection have resolved, there are a number of options for surgical repair of a rectovaginal fistula.

When do you need a diverting colostomy after rectovaginal fistula?

In patients with postirradiation rectovaginal fistulas, a much longer waiting period may be required. Patients with complex fistulas (e.g., large size, radiation induced, neoplasm induced, multiple failed repairs) may require a diverting colostomy before formal repair.

Do vaginal fistulas heal on their own?

Fistulas do not usually heal on their own because there is always fluid or feces (depending on the type of fistula) moving through them so that healing can not be achieved without surgical correction. I wish you the best. If you have additional questions, please ask.

What causes a fistula between vagina and rectum?

Fistulas are abnormal connections between to organs. Common causes of fistulas to the rectum are diverticulitis, history of a perirectal abscess that drains into the vagina, trauma, post-partum complication and tumors. The symptoms would be having fecal material drain from the vagina. These almost always require surgery to correct.

What is the procedure to fix a fistula of the leg?

The most common fistula repair procedure is fistulotomy surgery. If this procedure is right for you, here’s what to expect: We give you general anesthesia, meaning you will be asleep and not able to feel any sensation during your procedure. We cut open the fistula tract and remove diseased tissue or drain pus.

How are vaginal fistulas treated?

Doctors can treat vaginal fistulas with surgery through the vagina or abdomen. Some cases can be treated with minimally invasive surgery (laparoscopic surgery), including robotic surgery. The location of your fistula determines whether your surgeon can perform the procedure through your vagina or your abdomen.