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What causes abdominal pain for a long time?

What causes abdominal pain for a long time?

1 Causes. Usually by the time abdominal pain has been present for 3 months or more, people have been evaluated by a doctor, and typical disorders that cause abdominal pain (see 2 Evaluation. Doctors first focus on whether the pain is functional pain or is caused by a disorder, drug, or toxin. 3 Treatment. …

What causes a distended stomach after intestinal surgery?

Some open surgeries will inevitably allow air to enter into the abdomen causing a distended stomach after the surgical wound has been closed. In some cases, the surgeon might need to deliberately place air into the abdomen.

How long does it take for abdominal pain to go away?

Functional abdominal pain is real pain that exists for more than 6 months and occurs with no evidence of a specific physical disorder or other gastrointestinal problem (for example, peptic ulcer disease). It is also not related to a drug or a toxin.

How old do you have to be to have chronic abdominal pain?

Chronic abdominal pain usually occurs in children beginning after age 5 years. About 10 to 15% of children aged 5 to 16 years, particularly those aged 8 to 12 years, have chronic or recurring abdominal pain. It is somewhat more common among girls. Chronic abdominal pain is also common among adults, affecting women more often than men.

What are the symptoms of a distended stomach?

A distended stomach refers to a swelling of the abdomen itself. The symptoms of nausea, discomfort, and pain are among the signs of this condition, with bloating being first noticed with snug-fitting clothes.

What causes a distended stomach after abdominal surgery?

A person can also experience distended stomach or stomach distension after some types of abdominal surgery. Cirrhosis and heart failure can also cause stomach distension. There is accumulation of fluid in the abdomen in both of these conditions which produces a feeling of fullness. Ovarian cancer can also cause distended stomach.

Can a distended stomach cause shortness of breath?

Fever, diarrhoea, and shortness of breath may be present in case of the chronic condition. Often, a distended stomach is not a severe condition. You could have seen a lot of people moving around with a heavy belly, distended abdomen, or carrying a log of baggage around their stomach. It is commonly seen everywhere.

What causes generalized distention of the stomach ( abdomen )?

Entire Stomach. The main causes of generalized distention of the stomach (abdomen) includes : Ascites is fluid accumulation within the abdominal cavity. Peritonitis is an inflammation of the inner lining of the abdominal cavity.