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What does abnormal WBC esterase mean?

What does abnormal WBC esterase mean?

An increased number of WBCs seen in the urine under a microscope and/or positive test for leukocyte esterase may indicate an infection or inflammation somewhere in the urinary tract. If also seen with bacteria (see below), they indicate a likely urinary tract infection.

Does kidney disease cause low WBC?

Low white blood cell count is independently associated with chronic kidney disease progression in the elderly: the CKD-ROUTE study.

What does a positive leukocyte esterase mean?

Leukocyte esterase is a screening test used to detect a substance that suggests there are white blood cells in the urine. This may mean you have a urinary tract infection. If this test is positive, the urine should be examined under a microscope for white blood cells and other signs that point to an infection.

What are the characteristics of WBC esterase tests?

WBC esterase tests check the following characteristics of the urine in detail: The tests checks for the pH level of the urine. Abnormal pH indicates some disorder which could be due to kidney or urinary tract infection WBC esterase test also tests for the concentration or specific gravity of the tests.

What does it mean to have leukocyte esterase in urine?

Leukocyte Esterase: Leukocyte esterase is an enzyme present in your white blood cells. Therefore, the presence of this substance in the urine indicates the presence of white blood cells (leukocyturia).

When to use clean catch kit for WBC esterase?

The method uses a clean catch kit and wipes. The purpose of using this is to get a sterile and uninfected sample of urine. It is usually recommended to urinate after 3 hours of stored urine in the urinary bladder. The process involves cleaning the area;

What makes a positive chemical test for WBC’s?

Leukocyte esterase. Leukocyte esterase is an enzyme present in most white blood cells (WBCs). A few white blood cells are normally present in urine and usually give a negative chemical test result. When the number of WBCs in urine increases significantly, this screening test will become positive.

What is normal range for WBC esterase test?

There could be multiple reasons for it like kidney damage, an infection, kidney stones, Blood cancer or some sort of blood disorders. WBC esterase test can also be used as a screening test for urethritis among adolescent males. The normal range of the WBC esterase is >100kU/l for both males and females.

Can a WBC esterase test detect kidney disease?

Blood can be observed through WBC esterase; however, this requires additional tests to find the reason for the presence of blood. There could be multiple reasons for it like kidney damage, an infection, kidney stones, Blood cancer or some sort of blood disorders.

What causes the presence of WBC esterase in urine?

Urinary Tract Infection: The presence of WBC esterase trace in urine is a result of urinary tract infection. WBC esterase 1 or Leukocyte esterase 1 is a by-product of WBC.

How does the leukocyte esterase test work?

Once the presence of bacteria is confirmed, it is important to search for the type of bacteria. A gram stain of a urine sample is used to identify the type of bacteria. This test is also called as Leukocyte esterase test. Kidneys help to eliminate the wastes from the blood.