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What does acromion type 2 mean?

What does acromion type 2 mean?

A type I acromion has a flat undersurface and is least often associated with rotator cuff disease (Fig. 6a). A type II acromion has a concave curved undersurface, and represents a moderate risk for impingement syndrome (Fig. 6b). A type III acromion has a hooked downward facing leading edge (Fig.

How do you fix acromion pain?

If your healthcare provider approves, ibuprofen or naproxen may be taken as-needed to relieve pain. For more severe pain, a stronger prescription strength anti-inflammatory medication may be prescribe or a cortisone injection into the bursa beneath the acromion may be given.

What is Type 2 acromion configuration?

What is a type II Acromion? Acromion is a lateral process out of the shoulder blade of the shoulder joint. On x-rays, it has been classified into four types. Type II is the most common type and is gradual curve along the head of the shoulder. Type II acromion may occasionally cause impingement of the shoulder joint.

What is a Type I acromion?

Acromial type Bigliani et al5 classified the shape of the acromion on supraspinatus outlet (or lateral) radiographs into three distinct types: type I represents a flat, type II a curved and type III a hooked undersurface of the acromion (Fig. 1a).

What exercises can I do with a shoulder impingement?

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  • 1 – Scapula retraction and depression. This is a simple exercise and is best described as countering hunched shoulders.
  • 2 – Scapula push and pull up. First, start with a scapula pull.
  • 3 – Internal rotation laying down.
  • 4 – External rotation laying down.
  • 5 – PNF.

How often should I do shoulder impingement exercises?

3 – 5 times a day, perform the following series of exercises

  1. Blade squeezes. Sitting or standing up straight, pinch shoulder blades together as if pinching a peanut between them.
  2. Rotations.
  3. Pec stretching.
  4. Distraction.
  5. Theraband rows.
  6. Theraband external rotation.

What is Type 2 acromion morphology?

The type II acromion is more curved and downward dipping, and the type III acromion is hooked and downward dipping, obstructing the outlet for the supraspinatus tendon.3 Cadaveric studies have shown an increased incidence of rotator cuff tears in persons with type II and type III acromions.2,3.