What is hard soft palate?

What is hard soft palate?

The roof of the mouth is known as the palate. The hard palate is the front part of the roof of the mouth, and the soft palate is the back part.

What does a hard bump on the roof of your mouth mean?

A very hard lump on the roof of the mouth may be a sign of torus palatinus. Torus palatinus is an extra bone growth that is benign and not indicative of an underlying condition. The growth can appear at any age, and it may continue to grow throughout a person’s life.

Why do I have a lump on my soft palate?

More recently, around 4 days ago to be specific I found a lump, relatively small and red on my soft palate. I immediately called the Dr’s, and luckily I was seen that evening. The Dr seemed to think it may be a cyst caused by acid reflux, however this is something I have never had before.

Where does soft palate cancer start in the mouth?

Although it’s located in the front part of the mouth, it’s actually considered a cancer of the head and neck. Soft Palate Cancer starts in the soft palate cells, which are on the upper portion of the back of your mouth, right behind your teeth. Unlike hard palate cancer, soft palate cancer is a type of throat cancer.

What makes up the soft and hard palate?

The palate (also known as the ‘roof of the mouth’), forms a division between the nasal and oral cavities. It is separated into two distinct parts: Hard palate – comprised of bone and is immobile. Soft palate – comprised of muscle fibers, is mobile and covered by a mucous membrane.

What kind of lump is on the roof of the mouth?

An incisive cyst is an abnormal membranous sac or blister like bump filled with fluids or semisolid materials. These bumps are also known as nasopalatine duct cysts. They occur behind the teeth in most cases. 10. Torus palatinus. This is a hard bony protrusion on the palate (roof of the mouth). They often occur on the midline of the hard palate.

What would cause a lump on your hard palate?

Sometimes painless hard bump on your palate can also become painful after they are irritated by the friction from the process of chewing food. The common oral conditions that may lead to the development of hard lump on the roof of the mouth include Torus palatinus, Incisive papilla, Epstein pearls, Buccal Exostosis,…

What causes pain in the hard palate?

Infections in the mouth can cause swelling, discomfort, and painful abscesses in the hard palate. The infection can be caused by tooth decay, bacteria getting into an injury in the roof of the mouth or a viral infection.

What causes a lump on the palate of the mouth?

  • Injuries. Your palate can develop a lump or bump as a consequence of oral injuries to the delicate mucous membrane.
  • Torus palatinus. This is a bony lump that can develop in the middle of your hard palate.
  • Incisive papilla.
  • Mucocele.
  • Epstein pearls.
  • Buccal Exostosis.
  • Maxillary sinus growth.
  • Adenocarcinoma.
  • Canker sore.
  • Cold sore.

    What is the anatomy of the hard palate?

    Anatomical terminology. The hard palate is a thin horizontal bony plate made up of two bones of the facial skeleton, located in the roof of the mouth. The bones are the palatine process of the maxilla and the horizontal plate of palatine bone.