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What is InsideView used for?

What is InsideView used for?

Founded in 2005, InsideView is mainly used by marketing, sales, and operations teams in identifying and gathering information on customers and prospects.

Who bought InsideView?

InsideView was acquired by Demandbase on May 4, 2021 .

What does demand matrix do?

Our approach. DemandMatrix uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to discover the hardware and software companies use and need. We use this data to syndicate content, bring relevance to your website, and ungate your content.

What is technographics in entrepreneurship?

Technographics is the profiling of target accounts based on their technology stack. Much like demographics and psychographics, technographic profiling is a criteria built upon the technology they use. Technographic profiling allows you to answer questions like: What hardware or software do our target audience use?

Is Clearbit accurate?

The data Clearbit provides is good, but it doesn’t compare to some competitors. While you can find a large range of data, other providers have more clean data. Clearbit provides direct dials, but again it’s not as accurate as other services.

Who are Clearbit competitors?

Competitors and Alternatives to Clearbit

  • Sales Navigator.
  • Hoovers.
  • InsideView.
  • LeadGenius.
  • FullContact.
  • Global Database.
  • RingLead Platform.
  • DueDil.

What is a B2B CDP?

CDPs allow you to tap into segmentation and audience management. In B2B, this could be lists of people or accounts. You can create segments of high-fit accounts in your ideal customer profiles that are showing intent to buy your product but haven’t yet engaged with your marketing or sales team.

What is lattice engine?

Lattice Engines is a technology provider that delivers predictive marketing and sales cloud applications to business-to-business (B2B) companies.

Who is InsideView and what does it do?

InsideView is a software as a service (SaaS) company that gleans insights and relationships from more than 40,000 sources of business information, contact data, online news, and social media and customer CRM data. Founded in 2005, InsideView is mainly used by marketing, sales, and operations teams in identifying…

Who is the InsideView director of business insights?

InsideView is the source of information we use to make our CRM solution, and our sales teams, better. Jacob Feenstra, Director of Business Insights. InsideView’s AI algorithm gives us clear signals for understanding and targeting companies that may already be looking for a solution like ours.

When did InsideView become part of Microsoft Dynamics?

On October 21, 2013, InsideView announced that it has entered into a strategic OEM agreement with Microsoft whereby InsideView is integrated Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. Through the agreement, InsideView is available to all users of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, and is known as Insights, powered by InsideView.

How does InsideView help sales and marketing teams?

Access InsideView data and intelligence wherever you browse. Clean your accounts, contacts, and leads in real-time or on a schedule so that your sales and marketing teams always have the most up-to-date information at their fingertips.