What is the right to referendum in Arizona?

What is the right to referendum in Arizona?

Referendum is a power reserved to the voters that allows the voters, by petition, to demand the reconsideration and repeal of any legislative action of the City Council, except an emergency measure, before it becomes effective.

Does Arizona Do referendums?

What is a REFERENDUM? A referendum is any measure, or item, section or part of any measure enacted by the Legislature during legislative session. Arizona’s registered voters may circulate a petition to refer to the voters a measure or part of a measure passed by the legislature.

What are the different types of referendums?

Types of optional referendums include:

  • Authorities plebiscite: Also known as a legislative referrals, are initiated by the legislature or government.
  • Initiative referendum: A citizen-led process to propose and vote on new laws.
  • Popular referendum: A citizen-led process to oppose and strike down existing laws.

How can something become an initiative under Arizona law?

1. Establish or designate a political committee that will act as the initiative or referendum sponsor; 2. Apply for an initiative or referendum serial number from the Secretary of State’s Office; 3. Obtain an official initiative or referendum petition form from the Secretary of State’s Office; 4.

What is right to referendum?

The REFERENDUM allows citizens, through the petition process, to refer acts of the Legislature to the ballot before they become law. The referendum also permits the Legislature itself to refer proposed legislation to the electorate for approval or rejection.

Why do we have referendums?

Referendums have been held in Australia to approve parliament-proposed changes to the Constitution of Australia or to the constitutions of states and territories. Voting in a referendum is compulsory for those on the electoral roll, in the same way that it is compulsory to vote in a general election.