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What size socket fits an m8 bolt?

What size socket fits an m8 bolt?

Size ChartBolt sizeSizeToleranceM813mm13.301/4″BSW13.6414mm14.353/8″UNF9/

What are standard bolt sizes?

Size refers to nominal diameter of the bolt while length is just that—how long the bolt is. While stove bolts can be as small as 1/8″ in diameter, expect typical bolt sizes to be between about #10 (3/16″) and 1 3/4″. Lengths can be as short as 3/8″, again for stove bolts, but are usually between about 1/2″ and 24″.

What size bolt does a 14mm wrench fit?

In instance like bolt size, 9/16″, there are two different possible wrench fittings on either measurement scale….SAE & Metric Wrench Conversions.SAE Wrench SizeBolt Size (SI)Metric Wrench Size1/2″5/16″13 mm9/16″3/8″14 mm5/8″7/16″16 mm3/4″1/2″19 mm6 •

What is equivalent to a 15mm wrench?

15mmBolt DiameterWrench Size (Standard)Wrench Size (Metric)3/8″9/16″15mm7/16″5/8″16mm1/2″3/4″19mm9/21mm

What size bolt uses 1/2 wrench?

US Bolt Head/Wrench SizeBolt DiameterHead and Wrench SizeHex Bolt – Lag Bolt – Square BoltHeavy Hex Bolt5/16″1/2″-3/8″9/16″-7/16″5/8″-13

How do I figure out my wrench size?

Multiply the first number which is the bolt size in inches or millimeters, by 1.5 using a pocket calculator, if necessary. For example, for the numbers in Step 1, 1/2 x 1.5 = . 75 or 3/4, which is the wrench size needed for this standard-sized bolt.