Who turned down 84 million from Lakers?

Who turned down 84 million from Lakers?

Dennis Schroder
Dennis Schroder reportedly turned down $84 million from the Los Angeles Lakers and now, according to ESPN’s Jordan Schultz has an offer from the Boston Celtics for $5.9 million. Update: According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski the deal is done.

Who is ds17_fg?

Dennis Schröder
Dennis Schröder (@ds17_fg)

How much money did Dennis Schroder turn down?

Dennis Schroder pokes fun at his decision to pass on $84 million Lakers contract on Instagram –

Where did Schroeder go?

BOSTON (AP) — Free agent point guard Dennis Schröder said Tuesday he is signing a one-year deal with the Celtics, ending his up-and-down one-year stint with the Lakers. “I’m proud to announce that for the 2021-22 season I’ll be playing with the Boston Celtics!” Schröder posted on Instagram.

How much did Lakers pay Dennis Schroder?

15.5 million USD (2020)
Dennis Schröder/Salary

What happened to Dennis Schroder Lakers?

Lakers News: Former LA Point Guard Dennis Schroder Wife Has Parting Words for Haters. Schroder ended up taking a paycut and signing a 1-year deal with rival Boston Celtics. Schroder thought he could command over $100 million, after he turned down $84 million from the Lakers last season.

How old is Dennis Schroder?

28 years (September 15, 1993)
Dennis Schröder/Age
Celtics’ Dennis Schroder: Coming off bench Monday The 28-year-old signed a one-year deal with the Celtics in August after he averaged 15.4 points, 5.8 assists and 3.5 rebounds in 32.1 minutes per game with the Lakers during the 2020-21 campaign..

Is Ellen ziolo German?

Ellen Ziolo’s nationality Having been born in Braunschweig, Germany, Ziolo holds a German nationality and belongs to white ethnicity.

Is Dennis Schroder hair a birthmark?

Dennis Schröder. Deutschland Dollop, is not a birthmark. Anyway, according to this article, which I did not fact-check, Schröder’s mom, a hairstylist in Germany, encouraged Dennis to dye a blond spot in his hair at a young age so he would stand-out.

Who is Dennis Schroder’s wife?

Ellen Ziolom. 2019
Dennis Schröder/Wife

Obviously, the internet is not going to forget, as memes and Twitter were on fire mocking Schroder’s misfortune. It seemed to have triggered some in his circle, as his wife Ellen, responded back to the haters on Instagram.