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Why do we use reference electrode?

Why do we use reference electrode?

The simplest is when the reference electrode is used as a half-cell to build an electrochemical cell. This allows the potential of the other half cell to be determined. An accurate and practical method to measure an electrode’s potential in isolation (absolute electrode potential) has yet to be developed.

What is the most important indicator electrode for hydrogen ion?

The silver–silver chloride electrode is a very reproducible electrode. The solution surrounding the electrode should be saturated with potassium chloride and silver chloride. The glass electrode was the first and still most commonly used electrode for measuring hydrogen ion activity.

What is the basic principle used in potentiometer?

The principle of a potentiometer is that the potential dropped across a segment of a wire of uniform cross-section carrying a constant current is directly proportional to its length. The potentiometer is a simple device used to measure the electrical potentials (or compare the e.m.f of a cell).